New places and new other things – March

I’m so behind in my blog but my new-thing-community has been diligently rising to each challenge I’ve set, and it’s time to do them justice!

My challenge in March was to go to a new place. In this post I’ve been flexible with the theme and the dates! Mustn’t get behind again, it’s very confusing.

Liz went to South Ockendon (to pick up some rescue bunnies). They have settled in nicely. She also made bread pudding for the first time.FB_IMG_1493629853740

Sarah P went to Pinewood Studios to be in the audience for Taskmaster (both new things), and went to the Freud Museum in Hampstead. She also drove down a road she has only driven past for the last five years, and created her first YouTube account and uploaded a video to it.

Claire C went to Carlisle and back in a day! She also started a new tradition – a monthly house-cleaning blitz involving the whole family – her little children get to choose sweets from the post office first but can’t eat them until they’ve done their jobs as instructed! And tried a new exercise class – Metafit – and went to a newly revamped park in Ely.

Charlotte went to Hayes Hill Farm.

Caroline’s plans were almost scuppered by a flat bike tyre but after her partner patched it up she improvised on her day’s plans and ended up doing five new things:

  • cycled on the guided busway to St Ives (having been there for the first time recently, actually on the guided bus),
  • had lunch in a pub in St Ives,
  • went to St Ives market,
  • cycled back (this time with four other people rather than on her own) and
  • stroked a ferret (which was in the pub where she stopped on the way back). 

She also

  • went to the pub with work people, had a tequila slammer and then went back to work.
  • had a blocked ear so googled it, found that using a small amount of olive oil in the ear is recommended, put some in her ear then spent the day smelling of curry because her olive oil had chilli in it. Apparently it didn’t hurt and it did work so now I’m thinking she’s made some sort of important medical discovery.
  • Saw some feminist theatre which involved three women dressed as men reciting Tory party phrases over and over while gradually removing their clothes until they were shouting ‘hard-working people’ while wiggling their boobs.

Clair did more cooking. She made this Chicken and Spinach Cannelloni recipe and this meal which included Indian style basmati rice and tandoori marinated chicken.FB_IMG_1494668759895

Catherine went exploring in a new place – she had been running in the area previously but decided to take her children and wander properly, despite being nervous of investigating new places in this manner. Yay!

Jade went to a new ice cream parlour.

Rosa tried a seaweed burger.FB_IMG_1493629898363

Jacqui made fish pie for the first time – this recipe uses cauliflower instead of potatoes – and went to the Dumpling Tree in Cambridge.FB_IMG_1494668643188

Leona went to some new hotels for a wedding and tried quail for the first time, and with the kids on their bike and scooter tried a new cool music venue pub that was on her list of things to try last year. As they’re Irish, it’s Tayto crisps all the way.

Viv and Dave found two new walks, one at the Aubrey Buxton Nature Reserve and the other near their home, West Wood.

Paul organised his first coach trip, for the Unite for Europe march in London.FB_IMG_1493629861856

Claire, Caroline, Hazel and I went for a clog dancing day! I think this might have been my first ever day school type thing, maybe someone will correct me. This was the 10th Camden Workshop Day, run by the Camden Clog Group, where we learnt the beginner routine on the Old Lancs Style – here is an example of it. It took place at Cecil Sharp House, and it was something we signed up to do while I was still something new every day – so by the time it actually came round I was a right moaning Minnie. I’m a horrible dancer, I’ve got a terrible memory and I wasn’t really sure I’d be able to keep it up for a whole day. But I needn’t have worried – it was SO MUCH FUN! We thought we’d manage with normal hard shoes but thankfully there were loads of spare clogs to borrow and it was worth it – although they took a LOT of getting used to and were easier to dance in than to walk in. The dance was built up of 8 different step patterns which we learnt one at a time – putting them all together was the tricky bit. Our teacher was lovely and patient, and was accompanied by an equally patient accordion player. There were three other groups there learning different, more advanced routines, and at the end of the day each group did a showcase and finally ALL of us did our routine together, which was very noisy and very fast!

I did some other new things in March:

  • Went to a clothes swap party (came home with these!)IMG_20170326_140709_kindlephoto-206491
  • Won a Workweek Hustle on my fitbitIMG_20170325_154736_kindlephoto-159046
  • Had a fantastic deep tissue massage, courtesy of Caroline at Caroline Mead Holistic Therapy
  • Started using Todoist Premium and Trello
  • Participated in a tombola in a shop (won this!)20170303_130325
  • Gave a train ticket to a stranger
  • Tried chestnut maran eggs20170308_195942
  • And seconded a candidate for an election!

I’ll be back soon with April’s theme – House and Garden New Things – and then I’ll be back on track!


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