Minimalist Game – a new project for Caroline

When I say ‘new’, this happened in February, and was inspired by Caroline’s project in January to get rid of one thing each day. Daily habits, games, bitesized chunks, chipping away – these are all good ways of getting something done without having to set aside entire weekends that never quite arrive. Let us know if you decide to try it! After a bit of an unintended break, I have got some new blog posts on the go but for now, here’s how Caroline did.

In February, I resolved to play the minimalist game. A decluttering technique to shift your house of stuff in addition to normal rubbish and recycling. It involves getting rid of one thing on the 1st, two things on the 2nd, and so on. Here’s how I got on.

1st: A sample bottle of a men’s eye cream.
Cream in the bin, bottle in the recycling. Why do I pick up this crap? Why do I then keep it?

2nd: A completely dried up bottle of mascara and an out of date face mask sample.
Product in the bin, bottles in the recycling. Ditto the above!

3rd: Three dried up bottles of mascara.
Applicator in the bin, bottles in the recycling. Who knew I was such a mascara fiend?

4th: Four disgraceful bras.
Into the rag bin at Arbury Court.

5th: Two disgraceful bras, three pairs of disgraceful pants.
In the rag bin at Arbury Court.

6th: Five pairs of holey tights, one pair of hold ups (bought for a 6-week burlesque class that I took part in at least four years ago).
In the rag bin at Arbury Court.

7th: Bikini top (bottoms long lost), pair of old pyjamas with holes in, very small ballet skirt, two charity running tops, two t-shirts I never wear.
All went to the EACH charity shop apart from the pyjamas, which went in the rag bin.

8th: Eight t-shirts I never wear.
To the EACH charity shop.

9th: Four t-shirts I never wear, one sparkly yet totally impractical belt, three bellydance hipscarves I never use, one white leotard.
To the EACH charity shop.

10th: One grey leotard, pair of hotpants bought for a dance show in 2005, one running top. All went to the EACH charity shop.
Five disgraceful bras, two pairs of disgraceful pants. To the rag bin.

11th: 11 holey socks to the rag bin.

12th: 12 holey socks to the rag bin.

13th: 13 holey socks to the rag bin

14th: 5 holey socks (rag bin), 2x pairs toe socks (EACH charity shop), 6 small bags of glitter (to Maria for her mum), hula fancy dress (EACH charity shop

15th: Pink scarf, blue skirt, skipping rope, shoulder bag, t-shirt, sparkly handbag, small purse, white shirt (EACH charity shop). 7 x back issues of International Therapist magazine (recycle bin).

16th: White shirt, 3x canvas bags, pink scarf, 3x shoulder bags, trousers (EACH charity shop), pair of disgraceful pants (rag bin), 7 Euro coins (spent in Italy).

17th: 12 Euro coins (spent in Italy), 5 pens (bin).

18th: 5 pens (bin), 4 musical lollies (left out for people at work to eat), 3 pairs of disgraceful pants (rag bin), 1 pair of ballet pumps, 1 pair of jazz shoes, 1 pair of black canvas ballet shoes, 1 pair of wooden sandals, 1 pair of boots, 1 umbrella (all to the EACH charity shop).

19th: 3 small bowls, 1 wooden tray, egg cup holder with spoon, 4 glass jars, 1 pair boxing gloves, dressing gown, 3 jackets, 2 dresses, 1 raincoat, 1 purple leotard (all EACH charity shop), 1 lip balm lid (bin).

20th: 1 hoodie, 1 jumper, 1 knitted bag, 1 fluffy bag, 1 dressing gown, 1 coat, 1 cap, set of hand warmers, 1x willy whistle, 5 lonely gloves, 1 pair of salopettes, 1 hat, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 bags (all to the EACH charity shop).

21st: 6 bags, 9 hats, 2 pairs gloves, 2 scarves, cycle helmet, pair rollerblades (all to the EACH charity shop.

22nd: Pair rollerblade pads, tea cosy (EACH charity shop), 1 bent earring, 1 tube of bubble confetti, 2 photocopies of sheet music, dead peacock feather, broadband setup guide, ruler with liquid inside, 3 calculators, walnut, rosemary and lemon handcream, sample of men’s aftershave, bookmark, 3 books, dead pen, 1 mug, charity fundraising kit, print sample.

23rd: Work organiser sheet (passed to a colleague), 4 DVDs, 8 books, running trousers (EACH charity shop), 2 dead pens (bin), 7 pieces of sheet music (recycling).

24th: 7 pieces of sheet music, boring work document from 2 years ago, printer sample (all recycle bin), 1 pair of disgraceful pants, old t-shirt (rag bin), picnic blanket (on shelf for colleagues to take), 12 papers (recycle bin).

25th: 3 papers, full notepad, restructure document, delegate list, festival programme, 14 papers, 4 pieces of sheet music (all in the recycle bin).

26th: 8 pieces of sheet music, asthma inhaler (expiry date: 2007), 4 pairs of disgraceful pants, dead electric toothbrush, pink coat hanger, broken yellow coat hanger, copy of New York Times, copy of Bat News, dead inhaler, blood donation aftercare leaflet, Boots giftcard with nothing on it, 3 bits of dead makeup, dead hairclip, free knitting pattern.

27th: 8 books, 1 bindi, 1 set of Spanish language fridge magnets, 1 dead pen, 11 papers, set of table cloths, puzzle from a cracker, RSPB Brand Book (out of date), 2 used envelopes.

28th: 1 business card, 2 picnic blankets, 2 coasters, 1 dead pen, jewellery care sheet, 1 annoying squeaky balloon, 1 set of post-it notes, 2 packets of RSPB bird-friendly coffee, 1 knitting pattern booklet free with a magazine, 1 guide to using the phone, RSPB Conservation Science leaflet, 7 pieces of sheet music, 7 papers.

Why I kept most of this stuff I have no idea. Why hang on to disgraceful bras, for example? I’m now 406 things lighter and the default state of my house is TIDY. This is definitely a new thing!


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