New Things Community: food

My challenge to my New Things Facebook group members in February was to try eating a new food or cooking with a new ingredient. Here are their contributions including some new recipes. A few actually took place this month – apologies to my New Thingers who may now feel cheated of their March new things!

Alison made rosemary and black pepper tagliatelle (with her pasta machine) with wild boar ragu one day, and made chicken and ham croquetas another day.

Emily made new biscuits using a recipe which was from the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch pack and which, it transpired through chat in my Facebook group, had been invented – get this – by our very own Caroline. Emily has also been trying lots of new things in her new slow cooker, one of which was this fragrant chicken curry – her 6 year old daughter said she was allowed to make this again, even though it had lentils and spinach in it.

Lauren made a Danish cake – a vanilla sponge with a crispy dark chocolate topping made with light brown sugar, cocoa powder, butter and cocoa nibs. ‘Looked angry, tasted lovely.’fb_img_1488123002845

Charlotte made lasagne, making all the sauces from scratch for the first time.

Jade made carrot cake – her first time baking with vegetables.

Liz ate Twix cheesecake.fb_img_1488738992819

Terry cooked choy sum. Here it is, stir-fried with red pepper, red onion, ginger and soy sauce.fb_img_1488123044343

Viv made lemon drizzle cake (a new recipe) and apple cake (not a new recipe but first time using Bramley apples in it).fb_img_1488123051584

Claire tried pomegranate, and also new recipes for lamb kebab and dressing. She was disappointed with the kebab and will revert to her old recipe but the dressing – fat free Greek natural yoghurt, garlic and lemon juice – was a winner.

Laura made pea and ham soup, the new aspect being using split peas for the first time. And she made scones with a missing ingredient, by mistake (forgot the baking powder from the recipe but they were still a success – they certainly look yum).fb_img_1488123329264

Sarah grated cheese using a garlic grater. She also tried to make cakes in the shape of Pokémon Go balls – she failed hilariously (her words, not mine).

Hazel ate a new cheese – Beacon Blue goats cheese. She also had a go at ‘Vegan Thursdays’ with mixed results and some midnight non-vegan snackage.

Rosa made her first dish using butternut squash, using this recipe.fb_img_1488123477994

Clair (of ‘new recipe every week‘ fame) made spiced veggie shepherd’s pie (pictured) and also this recipe for garlic mashed potatoes and this recipe for Moroccan chicken and lentil pies AND this recipe for lemon drizzle cake (also pictured).

My new things

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’m trying to keep up the new-thing-habit by trying to do a few key new things each month. I didn’t do very well in February:

  • A new crafty creation (my picture at Drink and Draw – see my previous post)
  • A new film at the cinema (fail)
  • A 2017 album (Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now)
  • A classic album I’ve never listened to (Love – Four Sail)
  • A new recipe (another fail – this is quite unusual as I’m quite good at trying new recipes normally)
  • A running-based achievement (ran with a hangover)
  • A new place (The Emperor Pub in Cambridge and the new Café Nero at Cambridge station – I had intended this to be a more geographical theme but this will have to do)

My excuse is that it was a very short month and disappeared very quickly – another three days were probably all I needed!

The challenge theme in the Facebook group for March is to GO SOMEWHERE NEW. Let me know if you do this or any other exciting or boring new things – you don’t have to be in the group to join in, but if you would like to join it, you will be made to feel welcome by this lot!



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