New Things Community: work and other stuff

This year I set up a Facebook group for people who wanted to document their new things, or who still wanted to hear about mine). Last month I set a little challenge to do something new at work, and this month I have set a food-related challenge. Since everyone has also done lots of random and exciting new things, I’m saving the food for the next post – here you have the work things and all the rest.

Shannon quit her job. This wasn’t quite what I expected when I challenged people to do a new work thing but I’m assured this was a positive move. She also signed up for her first half-marathon, bought her first Filofax and learnt the words to Motorcycle Emptiness.

Emily joined her first webinar and hosted a Facebook party – both things connected to being a Phoenix trader.

Emma does lots of new work things as she not long ago set up her own business – two such things were asking some clients for testimonials and then adding these to her website.

Sally started a new job in December and only works one day a week, so is still doing many new things, such as using the meat slicing machine! Eek.

Leona volunteered to take on a new library special interest group project where she works. She also went to a new spa and started her cross-stitch kit (postponed from one of last year’s challenges).

Hazel was sheltered from the rain at the bus stop by a lovely lady (and her umbrella) who she didn’t know, who hugged her twice and who then did not even catch the bus. There are some nice people around. She also became chair of a committee at work! Hazel is actually doing lots of excellent new things this year but failing to write them down or provide me with a guest blog post so I am publicly shaming (encouraging) her here.

Lauren did her first Duathlon (today!)

Liz watched her catfish lay lots of eggs. It seems this story may have had a sad end so I will leave it there. She saw Lee Hurst, too.fb_img_1488122902563

Caroline and Terry both managed independently to get scam callers to hang up on them.

Caroline also went to The Crystal Maze in London and to an escape room in Knapwell. She made teas during our choir’s break – I was surprised to hear this sort of thing stresses her out (it’s the sort of thing that stresses ME out but I always assume I’m the only one who worries about such things) but she enjoyed it. She sent a sweary poem to her boss, forgetting that it had the ‘c’ word in it, and took on the role of admin person for her work’s choir. And, while doing a plank in her living room, she ended up with her face next to her boyfriend’s feet – so she licked his toe. I get the impression neither of them are hoping to repeat the experience any time soon. And she did a boobie dance at work (while getting changed in private into her sports gear but still, a new thing is a new thing and this is one that many of us could try).

Viv got a tattoo! For her 60th birthday. Jealous.

She also got this new feeder:fb_img_1488123417865

Claire signed up for her first 10k. And her little daughter Zoe acted on stage in front of an audience for the first time, in the local am dram production of Pan! I suspect the run-up to this involved lots of new things for them both.

Catherine went to a comedy club (at Club 99).

Rosa had her first Spanish class.

Sarah helped train a new colleague, and handed in the last assignment for her course. She also went to see her lovely daughter’s lovely art in an exhibition for the first time, being exhibited in a school she’d never been to. And her other lovely little daughter, after asking Sarah why a man was begging and sitting on the floor outside a shop and discovering the answer, gave him some money and a pizza-topped roll – I expect this won’t be a one-off new thing.

Lovely Ella’s lovely art

Jade acted for the first time, taking part in a short film that will be shown in the cinema at a music festival in Bangor. And she made curtains!fb_img_1488123246078

My new things

Since my last post, here are some of the new things I have done:

  • Bought a thing from Gumtree (a washing machine, the first time I have ever bought one of these)
  • Went to a themed Drink and Draw event (the theme was ‘Folds’ so I drew a screwed-up receipt)
  • Went to The Emperor pub in Cambridge
  • Tried The Wandering Yak pop-up (delicious)
  • Went to a talk about Imposter Syndrome
  • Went to two new plays (From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads and One Man, Two Guvnors)
  • Went to an exhibition in Ely cathedral – and gave someone a tour of the cathedral.

And finally, I did some of my own work new things, all connected to a (successful) job interview:

  • Read a document aloud to myself to check for errors
  • Submitted a job application online
  • Prepared a presentation and practised it, out loud, to myself (I have only ever done a few presentations in my life and I am so scared of them I have never managed to make myself practise them). I have never talked to myself so much in my life but it seems to be the only way
  • Went to an interview training session
  • Went into an interview being pleased with the amount of preparation I had done
  • Had an interview for a job I’d been doing already (as a secondment)
  • Did a presentation in an interview
  • Went out for brunch on my own (as a reward for going through with it all) – here is my yummy brunch, courtesy of The Old Bicycle Shopfb_img_1488139621638

Hooray for brave new things!



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