New Things into 2017

It’s early days but it seems this new thing a day malarkey might have actually turned into a habit. That’s quite handy as I didn’t want to give up the blog but wasn’t sure what else to write about!

 January so far:

  1. Installed MS Office on a computer, used MS Office 365 ProPlus and tried a new beer (Brewdog Cocoa Psycho).
  2. Went to The Punt Yard.
  3. Booked an appointment for a facial (a freebie at Origins – this was the first time I’d been in the shop, too).
  4. Made hummus – used this recipe.
  5. Played a Goodreads quiz. (Didn’t do very well.)
  6. Joined two new Meetup groups, both in Ely. One is a book group, which is the first time I have joined one of these. Let’s see whether I actually manage to turn up at any of the events but I hope to!
  7. Booked a decorator in for a quote.
  8. Set up a Facebook Group. Important! You can join this group if you like. Members share updates on new things they have done and I will be setting the occasional challenge! Current challenge is to do something new at work by the end of January – alternatives are available for those who do not have this option!
  9. Ate fennel gratin (courtesy of my mum, thanks mum!)
  10. Completed a poll for the book group (see 6 Jan), to determine which book will be read next – which in turn might determine whether or not I make it to the Meetup. And had a decorator round for a quote.
  11. Had a decorator round to do some decorating. Slept on the floor in my house (because they were decorating my bedroom). Made a new recipe: carrot soup with quinoa and feta. This might be an attempt to work my way through the Waitrose magazine calendar, this being January’s recipe.fb_img_1484312035499
  12. Paid a decorator. Took a friend to a session of the lovely choir – her new thing for the day and maybe longer.
  13. Gave my first submission to the Patient and Public Involvement Panel. This is one of the new things I signed up for last year and this time involved reviewing the supporting documents and consent forms that are provided to potential participants in upcoming clinical trials, to ensure they are clear and accurate. This is a good type of voluntary work for people who aren’t great at talking to people, can’t commit to regular time slots or don’t drive! I also charged up my portable ‘power bank’ charger which I got free with my phone ages ago – I have never used one of these.

Monthly new things:

I don’t intend to stick to doing something new each day religiously as I did last year, but don’t want to let things slide either, so I have made myself a list of types of new things to try and do each month. I might add to it over time – suggestions welcome!

  • A new crafty creation
  • A new film at the cinema
  • A 2017 album
  • A classic album I’ve never listened to
  • A new recipe (which will be easy if I stick to my plan to work my way through the Waitrose calendar)
  • A running-based achievement (this is not looking good for January)
  • A new place

Other goals

This year I’d like to achieve the following:

  • Run 10k without stopping
  • Go on holiday (possibly on my own which would be new, but this might be a bit much – otherwise it will just be the first holiday as a single adult!)
  • Read 38 books (new Goodreads challenge)

New things from 2016

My plan for 2017 was to spend a bit more time on some of the new things I tried last year. One such thing was my bullet journal. It went really well to begin with but I used the wrong sort of notebook and when the book started to fall apart after a few weeks, so did my journaling.

This month I’ve started a new one and it hasn’t fallen apart so far. It’s quite basic at the moment, and I’m not happy about the scruffiness of my writing, but as long as I spend a bit of time on it every few days, I have high hopes for a successful system.img_20170113_175341

Join in

If you’ve been inspired to try new things – or have set yourself a random project or resolution – and would like to be a guest blogger, please let me know. It could be a one-off article or an ongoing commitment, and I am quite flexible about the content. Photos are good, as are lists, brain-dumps, the odd paragraph here and there – it doesn’t need to be perfect (not very many people read my blog!) I already have someone who is throwing something out every day (in an environmentally resposnsible way). See 8 January above for a link to my Facebook group where you can get some inspiration and test the waters.




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