New Things Challenge Week 7: good deeds and food and drink

This is my last Challenge Week in my year of doing a new thing every day. I’m so glad I incorporated these into my project. It’s been lovely to have others – especially strangers – involved, hear what they’ve been up to and be inspired by them! As always, the themes were not compulsory.

Claire has, as usual, put me to shame with her effortless new-thinging.

  • She made these mincemeat filo pastry treats.fb_img_1482098394512
  • Her team won the local village pub quiz for the first time.
  • She reached a new running personal best, completing this distance in the same time she had run 6k a couple of weeks earlier.fb_img_1482098370086
  • She tried orzo pasta – here it is with some leftover bolognese.fb_img_1482098291338
  • She went to church twice in one day – once for each child’s Christmas concert. Here is her son looking pleased with himself after the event.fb_img_1482098244951

Liz went to see Adam Ant for the first time, who didn’t disappoint, and went to her work’s Christmas do which she hasn’t done before despite working there for three years, to which she wore a frock and heels which hasn’t happened for about five years. She is also paying someone a compliment every day this month! Hope she got lots of compliments in return on her night out.fb_img_1482098347770

Emily made fudge for the first time. This was a trial run so she could make some more with her six-year-old daughter as a gift for her grandparents.

She also made stuffing balls ready for Christmas: fruit and nut (cranberry, apricot, hazelnut, walnut, shallots, thyme) and sausage meat wrapped in bacon (sausage meat, sage, cranberry, shallots).

Sarah tried some topped mince pies for the first time – fondant icing, Bakewell and toffee. She also took her daughter and her friend to a gig and bought them a bottle of vodka (she is categorising this under both themes).

Catherine gave an old lady a lift to church for a service to remember lost loved ones, and had a homeless charity collect a futon, bed and mattress.

Rosa signed up for a charity which helps children with Dutch language development delay by reading books with them; this will involve visiting a family for 20 weeks. She will be excellent at this. She also helped her brother move house (which she has done before but it’s a new house).

Adam gave money to a charity working with homeless people in Manchester.

Terry made this apple cake – here is the recipe.fb_img_1482098316321

Leona made a star costume for her son’s school Christmas concert. She also turned 39 for the first time! I thought she was younger than me.

Laura and her sons made these mincemeat buns but she forgot to take a picture before they scoffed them. They also made this cute bead Father Christmas.fb_img_1482098261710_kindlephoto-1014831

And finally, Jade had her dissertation presentation about the Forme of Cury (personal cookbook to the king) and its relation to the kingship of Richard II. To aid the atmosphere she made two sauces and some fritters from the book: Verde Sawse (green sauce), Gyngener (ginger sauce) and Frytour of Erbes (herb fritters). And she got A+/First for the presentation!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this and my previous challenges, even if you just joined in with the chit-chat! Hopefully you have all enjoyed yourselves and will carry on giving yourselves a little clap whenever you do a new thing, no matter how little it seems.







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