October 2016: something new each day

This month I wanted to try and spend a bit less money on my new things. Didn’t do too badly, apart from all the food and drink.

  1. Had a drink in The River Bar in Cambridge. It was an Espresso Martini which was also new.
  2. Ran up the hill that is Ely! According to my running app, my elevation gain in my runs so far has been a big fat ZERO metres, but this was 19m.
  3. Made tabbouleh. It was yum. Its fresh herbiness complimented the burnt veg perfectly. img_20161003_204422
  4. Went in the lift at Cambridge rail station. And submitted a blog post for someone else’s blog.
  5. Had a guest blog post published. About running, of all things. Thank you Lauren, a.k.a. Girl Running Late!
  6. Went to a new cafe – Catesby’s – and was filmed for Mill Road TV (along with the rest of the lovely choir).
  7. Went to a preview evening for a new exhibition launch at Babylon Gallery.
  8. Went to a Finnish storytelling show – Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland. Got bought a drink by a stranger who I’d had a go at.img_20161031_205702
  9. Listened to lots of new music, from different decades, some from new countries, on Radiooooo.com. Really quite addictive.
    • 2010 Mongolia, Peru, Indonesia
    • 2000 Finland, Tanzania
    • 1990 Chile, Poland
    • 1980 India, China
    • 1970 Brazil, Togo
    • 1960 Turkey, Greenland
    • 1950 Korea, Colombia
    • 1940 Australia, South Africa
    • 1930 Madagascar, Latvia
    • 1920 Albania, Egypt
    • 1910 Ukraine, Spain
    • 1900 France, Hungary
  10. Made a charity donation at an ATM.
  11. Got my lunch from a new place – Neides on Cambridge market (a very, very delicious cannellini bean vegetable stew).
  12. Lent some money through Kiva. Hard to choose who to help – I went for someone in Kyrgyzstan trying to raise money to go to university.
  13. Bought a pomelo. This was supposed to be ‘eat pomelo’ but I can’t lie – it’s still intact in my fridge.
  14. Played Cards Against Humanity.20161014_190911
  15. Sat upstairs on the guided bus.
  16. Cooked and ate pattypan squash. At least I think that’s what it is!img-20161015-wa0000
  17. Ate a new cake – Galette des rois.
  18. Had paella from the paella stall on the market (not wanting bad things to befall the local traders or anything but I’m running out of new food stalls now).
  19. Attended my first University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas events (two today). Since it has been going for nine years now, I find that quite embarrassing and also hard to believe, which might mean it isn’t true that I’ve never participated before. Just in case that’s so, the things that were still new were that I went to a talk in the Michaelhouse Centre, I learnt about the work of Addenbrooke’s Arts and Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (‘Happiness in Hospitals’), and I learnt (in ‘How to Build a Better Cambridge’) about the history of Cambridge market – the food stalls of which have become a reliable source of new things for me so this was a nice bit of continuity – with an insight into town planning. The talks seemed unconnected on paper but in fact both covered the importance of multifunctional communal spaces and places for individuals and groups to be happy and comfortable and safe and share stories and experiences.
  20. Ate a new type of pastry and ate a banana during choir. Yes, I know. I did also make pigeon noises in choir.
  21. Helped level a floor.20161021_115529
  22. Practised using a letter opener. I’ve tried this once before and mangled it so obviously gave up straight away. I still don’t have the knack but I ran out of letters to open. Also put together, charged, used and emptied a (BRAND NEW AND BEAUTIFUL) cordless vacuum cleaner.
  23. Went to the Art Unequalled fair in Ely.img_20161031_210212_kindlephoto-3887508
  24. Went to see some short films at the cinema. I saw the premiere of this year’s Cambridge Shorts – they aren’t all online at the time of writing but will be. They were being shown as part of the Cambridge Film Festival (possibly another new thing for me) as well as the Festival of Ideas, and were all completely different – I recommend them.
  25. Signed up for the Free Postcode Lottery. And watched my choir on Mill Road TV!
  26. At a talk called ‘Vikings in Your Vocabulary’, I learnt about how to read and pronounce Old Norse (the languages of medieval Scandinavians c. 700-1500) and Old English (spoken by the Anglo-Saxons c. 450-1100). See The Gersum Project website to get your own introduction!
  27. Bought a ticket to go to a gig on my own. screenshot_2016-10-27-22-01-54_kindlephoto-634089
  28. Read some of ‘A Don’s Life‘, Mary Beard’s blog.
  29. Went to Ely Vegan Market, which is a new thing for Ely. I wonder how many new things Ely has done this year.20161029_110159
  30. Made a Victoria sandwich. It’s my favourite cake. I was very pleased with it!20161031_101201
  31. Listened to a playlist from The Simple Things magazine. All new songs bar three, so that’s nice.

Thanks for reading! You can read my lists from the rest of the year at mysomethingnewblog.wordpress.com/category/marias-new-things/.


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