September 2016: something new each day

I managed an uncharacteristic proportion of fitness new things this month. 1-7 September coincided with my new things challenge week on the themes of sport/fitness and culture. Oh and … three-quarters of a year of a new thing every day: TICK!

  1. Went for a run in my new trainers and started the British Heart Foundation MyMarathon (26.2 miles during September at your own pace). I also started the NHS Couch to 5k plan. First time running with a running app (Google Fit) on my phone – not very successful as my phone died halfway through.
  2. Swam in a new pool – the pool in The Atrium Club in Ely. First time ever in a gym (I’m excluding public leisure centres). Mapped a run on Map My Run and ate for the first time in Ely’s Subway.
  3. Planned my visit to the University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas. Sandpapered a bit of a door, then varnished it. Ordered a takeaway online (also my first Indian takeaway for one).
  4. Tried a new running app (Strava) and stripped some paint on an external wall.
  5. Measured up for and bought a curtain. I thought it would be too short and it was – clever me – but it’s good enough.
  6. Went for my first solo run around the streets of Ely. My runs so far have been on the secluded outskirts and I haven’t been looking forward to this – lots of cars to dodge and people to hide from and decisions about where to go. But so much quicker door to door! I also read some ‘Letters of Note‘.
  7. Got my lunch from Aromi. I’ve had cake and coffee there before but never been patient enough to queue for my lunch – but there was no queue! Delicious.
  8. Used a foam-roller on my shins. (Yes, this is a bad sign for the fate of my BHF MyMarathon plans).
  9. Used the loo on the train on my commute route. I hate using the loo on the train and have managed to avoid this for nearly nine years.
  10. Had a go at painting in watercolour. I expect I did this as a child at some point but I don’t remember.
  11. Went to formal hall at Peterhouse.
  12. Tried frozen smoothie.
  13. Gave feedback to a gym (the gym with the pool). It was lucky they rang me as I nearly gave up on the whole project today. Maybe gyms aren’t so bad! It’s still a pretty rubbish new thing, I realise.
  14. Travelled on a train with an expired season ticket. Naughty. Used new(ish) ticket office at Cambridge Station as a result. Was featured in a blog! Emma blogged about taking part in one of my challenge weeks, as part of her 100 Days No TV project. And I used an ice pack after exercising (the shin problems continue).
  15. Attended another new type of welcome event at work.
  16. Had a lie down in the medical room at work. Also played wordsearch online.
  17. Listened to all the Mercury prize nominations – this was a big one so I wrote a separate post about it. Made a batch of Yorkshire puddings and froze them. I can’t be absolutely sure but I think I’ve only made this as part of toad-in-the-hole before. I’ve never frozen them anyway.20160917_203511
  18. Went to a Macmillan Coffee Morning, hosted by the lovely Emma of 14 September fame – first time we’ve properly met! And met lots of other lovely new people. 20160918_113746
  19. Got my lunch from a new place: Chopstix.
  20. Gave a whole briefing at work – I usually only do a tiny bit of the talking. Talked for 1.5 hours. Crikey. If you had told me ten years ago I could talk for that long about immigration, I would’ve been very confused. I’m still a bit confused.
  21. Signed up for a fun run! The Arthur Rank Hospice Charity Ely Festive 5k.
  22. Had dinner in a new place – The High Tea Club. YUM.20160922_175405
  23. Published a blog post dedicated to just one of my new things (see 17 Sep).
  24. Cooked mussels.
  25. Want to an exhibition in the Pitt Building – the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2016.
  26. Answered some Google Maps questions about places I’d visited. Booked some events at the Festival of Ideas (see 3 September – booking opened today and I actually stuck to my plan, hurrah).img_20160930_222055_kindlephoto-2071521
  27. Went to a new restaurant – The House Thai restaurant in Cambridge – and had lunch from a new stall on Cambridge market, King of the Wraps.
  28. Read all of the winning entries to The Poetry Society’s latest Members’ Poems competition, one of which (Shakespeare Season) was written by my friend’s sister.
  29. Added gift-wrapping to an Amazon order.
  30. Went to an event at Sidney Sussex College. Wasn’t planning to eat my way around the Cambridge Colleges this year but not doing a bad job.

My next Challenge Week is 3-10 October on the themes of International and Learning and Skills. And for myself for the month, I think I’ll have a vague theme of free and cheap new things!


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