New Things Challenge Week 3: creativity and eco-friendliness

Another successful Challenge Week! This time I have a page for all the excellent bits and bobs people did – themey-new or just new – and, to follow, another page dedicated to Jane, Adam, Emma and Claire C who did a new thing every day during the whole week, or almost!

Lauren made these pretty heart decorations and tried a new brownie recipe. Drool.

Sarah H made yummy sag aloo and a lovely coaster and visited some new bits of Ashby-de-la-Zouche as part of the Open Garden event.

Shannon made her first spreadsheet, as part of her new job promotion!

Catherine put up their new-to-them secondhand tent for the first time (liking the recycling here) and took her daughter to a pottery painting place, which wasn’t new but for the first time she painted her own thing there. And she signed up to Schpock which should lead to a bit of reducing/reusing/recycling!

Neil (a.k.a. Dad) started building a new log store. Strangely, and in the same village, and on the same hot summer weekend, Sally’s husband Sam built one too.

Sally and family also managed a combination of both themes. They went to ‘A Bug Adventure’ at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB Reserve. I’ve watched this place turn from gravel pits into nature reserve and it’s amazing to see how quickly the wildlife moves in. Her daughter made the gorgeous dragonfly on the left, and they were given the willow dragonfly on the right as a thank you for the donation they gave to the lovely volunteers.

Caroline went to see the nesting hobbies at the RSPB Lodge reserve. Too far away to take photos but here’s some info in case you aren’t sure what a hobby is and there are some pictures on their sightings page.

Grace wrote a secret blog post for a blog she doesn’t have which may instead have been a diary entry, which would also be a new thing, and is definitely creative, whatever it is.

Sarah P copied this cartoon picture, rediscovering a long forgotten hobby and talent.

Sarah W collected two bags of other people’s rubbish from this grateful field. FB_IMG_1470692083531Rosa made these scrummy-looking cinnamon rolls.FB_IMG_1470692121028

Liz gave blood – a big first for her after being told 20 years ago she couldn’t due to low blood pressure.FB_IMG_1470692127466

Viv made beetroot-infused marshmallows (which were apparently delicious) and Gino’s spaghetti carbonara (which was not, despite its luscious appearance in this picture).

Alison didn’t think she’d manage anything on the themes while on her honeymoon, although I’m sure she did many other new things, but then she did an eco-friendly walk (hour’s scramble over a mountain instead of a five-minute train journey to have lunch in the next village) followed by an eco-friendly cold shower after another three hour mountain walk. Riomaggiore to Manarola to Volastro to Corniglia – no green-eyed monster here, not at all!

Paul added to his earlier media adventures by giving his first radio interview, on the breakfast show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

And Jacqui did her first adult colouring-in picture.

You’re all amazing – thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiration!

The themes for the Challenge Weeks for the rest of the year will be:

  • September: Culture and Fitness and Sport
  • October: Learning and Skills and International
  • November: Community and The Natural World
  • December: Good Deeds and – yes, all right then – Food and Drink! Go crazy!

By the time I write the next post, I will have chosen the dates. Get thinking!






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