New things for new people: Kerri (part 2)

Kerri has completed a month of doing something new each day, and she has done these in three different countries. Here is the second instalment.

  1. On a whim, went to a new hairdresser. Also started a new book, set in Iceland in preparation for my holiday – that sense of belonging again.
  2. Cried (with laughter) at twitter tweets. I got to No 2 before dissolving in a heap. [I just cried at the aubergine, ricicle and asparagus; didn’t know I found food so funny. M]  Became an Ely tourist, went to the cathedral and then a lovely walk down to the riverside.  Made a new discovery – tea for dogs. Who knew!tea for dogs
  3. Another unintended first – evacuated from an airport due to a fire alarm. It was complete chaos. I managed to make my flight but others weren’t so lucky. Intended first – first night in airbnb place.
  4. Went in an icetunnel (the longest in the world in fact). It’s man made but still pretty cool (ho ho ho). This involved travelling in a vehicle which is an adapted NATO transport. Also, I was the only person on a day trip (apart from in the tunnel when I joined another group). It was great – rather than sitting at the back of the minibus being a tourist I got to sit up front and be co-pilot and saw things that aren’t on the usual tour. I could grow accustomed to having a personal tour guide…ice tunnel transportchapel in the ice cave
  5. Walked to Seltjarnes which involved going through a nature reserve. The reserve had been closed until last week for birdie nesting purposes and the birds weren’t really up for visitors yet. So another first was being really quite scared as birds circled and swooped around me and then pretty much running away.
  6. Went to a glacial lagoon and took a boat trip around icebergs. Ate a bit of ice that came straight out of the lagoon. Walked behind a waterfall.glacial lagoon
  7. I did dark deeds! Dark deeds is the name of a literary walking tour around Reykjavik where at each stop the guides read from an Icelandic ghost story or crime novel – it was great and has made me want to read more Icelandic stuff (although I think the sagas might be a bit beyond me). Watched the film ‘Sparrows’.
  8. Had the Icelandic version of chicken noodle soup – yum. Watched the film ‘Heima‘ which is a lovely heartwarming film about Sigur Ros. Went to the Aurora centre in Reykjavik, which is all about the lovely northern lights. Had first virtual reality experience – using vr to find and view the northern lights- great!
  9. Went to Langmannalaugur in the interior of Iceland. It’s mostly uninhabited and a bit like being on another planet. Took a dip in a naturally heated pond, which involved me using a unisex changing room and then traipsing about 100m wearing a swimming costume, towel, socks and walking boots – quite the look! A definitely unintended first was having this old bloke stripping naked approximately 1 metre away from me. Unfortunately he was about 84 but fortunately he had his back to me…. Went on a trek through a lava field.
  10. Donated old clothes (that I couldn’t fit into my bag) to a local clothes bank before flying home. Stood up for myself on the plane home when the cabin attendant wanted to move my bag from the overhead locker to under the seat in front, restricting my leg room. Sent feedback to easyjet as he misquoted their policy to me (was feeling quite feisty…)
  11. Had a healthy smoothie – spinach, cabbage, pear, lemon and lime, cabbage. Like drinking a swamp…
  12. Posted first airbnb review.
  13. Went for an evening stroll around the village. This is a really lame one but I forgot to do the new thing I had planned!
  14. Tried a new food place in Cambridge – chopstix. Very nice chicken curry.  Went to see The Tempest.
  15. Tried Elderflower gin – yum!
  16. Tried coconut water – definitely not yum, as can be seen from my reaction.
  17. Made rhubarb gin.

I have Iceland envy. And interesting gin envy. Thank you, Kerri, for being my guest blogger this month.

I don’t think I have a companion for August unless someone decides to surprise me, but I do have another ‘Challenge Week’ starting tomorrow! The themes are ‘Creativity’ and ‘ Eco-friendliness’ – easy! Do some fun things and tell me about them.


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