New things challenge week 2: a plethora of off-topic treasures

In my challenge week at the beginning of July, I said I wanted to hear about everyone’s new things, even if they weren’t on the suggested themes of ‘music’ and ‘new places’. I was inundated with unpredictable delights, which is excellent and very inspiring.

Special thanks go to the people who did a new thing every single day of the challenge week! But first, an apology to Sarah H, Jade and Sally who all did on-topic new things but got missed off my last blog post. I knew I’d get in a muddle!

Jade started running a new place – the Wok & Go in Cambridge, for one month.

Sarah H did a new walk to a new place with the word ‘new’ in it – New Packington – to deliver a letter that was incorrectly posted through her letterbox by the postman. When she got there, there was a Royal Mail van parked on the driveway.

Sally went to some new places for her sister’s hen weekend: The Architect pub in Cambridge (bride-to-be is an architect) and Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire. At the pub, two new things happened – the landlord gave them one of every cocktail on the house, and she had to leave the car behind and get a taxi home! She also attended her daughter’s sports day – her first sports day as a parent – and helped the PTA chop strawberries to sell. And her music-themed new thing was looking up the ‘Counting in French’ song to sing with her daughter on her request as she’d been learning it at school.

Leona went to a raw food workshop which covered things like juicing, Bircher muesli, dehydrated chips, spiralising and massaging kale. She then made bacon and cheese bread, and mozzarella and bacon bites. I’m saying nothing. She also organised her four year old son’s first playdate and went to Aqua Blast at the gym – her first time in the pool since joining this gym. And she went to a new place that I forgot to include on the last blog post – a greenway walk between Carlingford and Omeath.

Sarah P drove her eldest to her boyfriend’s house while wearing her pyjamas and flip-flops and made guacamole.

Claire A bought a Karcher machine and jet washed the patio, drive and decking and may or may not have decided to jet wash herself afterwards. She also bought these new shoes, ate lots of food from M&S that said ‘new’ on it, met some new people while interviewing, had dinner in a new restaurant with people she hadn’t had dinner with before, stayed in a new room in her regular hotel and tried a new room service dish.

Liz listened to ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars‘ on Radio 4, which turns out to be all about doing new things so I had better try this one myself. She also bought and ate Polish vegetable salad.

Jo had afternoon tea in Emily’s Bakehouse (the combination of the two is new), drove down a 33% incline road and went rock pooling with her daughter Celeste. And looked after Celeste while she (Celeste) had trapped wind.

Shannon decided to get a Fitbit.

Liz and Shannon completed their first module of their online British Sign Language course.

Laura’s sons touched a starfish at the sea life centre.13661792_10153528787476012_4500491364390091251_o

Lauren published her first blog post in her new role as ambassador for Dansez. She also volunteered in a new role at Parkrun, doing finish tokens instead her usual less stressful barcode scanning.

Clair went running – first proper running in about 30 years. It was a free Running Group session for people who wanted to try it out as newbies as part of Cambridge University’s Festival of Wellbeing, at the Uni Sports Centre. She was impressed with the instructor…who turned out to be Lauren (see above).

Terry ate home grown mustard and cress, released a bumble bee from a spider’s web (bee was fine but spider gave her a look), and watched the first episode of Inside No. 9.

Jacqui made breakfast egg muffins (and froze some, very organised), and cooked with puff pastry unsupervised (as opposed to hovering while her mum or sister did most of the work).

Charlotte made sugar-free baked apples and painted an old bit of furniture with chalk paint.

Claire C made a scarecrow for Witchford’s annual scarecrow hunt and tried capers.

Catherine ran 10k for the first time ever! And had leftover takeaway for lunch (usually her husband gets this), went out with her work colleagues socially for the first time and covered a Year 7 French lesson, with attempted accent and accompanying gestures.

Caroline went to see Europe’s Strongest Man and watched Eddie Hall deadlift half a ton. Quite jealous of this one. She also got given a courtesy bike while her bike was being mended. Who knew there was such a thing!

Alison hosted her first hen party, which went well but she hopes it’s the last, and tried Thai crab cakes, which she loved.

And finally Luke had his first gliding lesson, at Little Gransden – amazing new thing! He felt a bit queasy but it hasn’t put him off and he’ll be going back.

My next challenge week will be 1-7 August 2016 and the themes will be creativity and eco-friendliness!




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