New things for new people: Kerri (part 1)

My July whole-month guest blogger – as opposed to my huge army of July challenge week contributors – is Kerri. Here is her first update. 

  1. A few new things today to start this challenge off nicely. I had my 46th birthday – not had one of those before. I observed the 2 minute silence to commemorate the Somme whilst driving to work which didn’t seem quite right but there was nowhere to pull over. Got given a goat and a donkey as birthday gifts (sadly not real). Spent the afternoon at my work’s fun day which was good fun. And then finished off with a comedy night in the evening seeing 3 comedians who I hadn’t seen before. Phew!
  2. Read a car mechanics magazine. Also two non deliberate new things: won 10 euros on an Irish scratchcard and set fire to the wrapper of my cheese.
  3. Went to a Cambridge Open Studios event at Waterbeach Barracks. Discovered there is a Waterbeach barracks museum (fairly newly opened) which was interesting. The barracks was functioning when I lived here before but I’d never really thought about what it did, so it was interesting to find out that during WW2 a number of sorties left from Waterbeach, some on bombing missions and others to drop food parcels in the Netherlands and that Waterbeach was bombed. Also had a snoop round the barracks on my bike before retiring back to spend the afternoon in the garden on my new steamer chair.  
  4. Tried sushi (yuk) and ran at over 8 kph for a prolonged period (and without being chased…)
  5. Another food related new thing: custard doughnut (yum yum yum), and went to a pub quiz that I hadn’t been to before.
  6. Went to a new town (Carrick upon Shannon) and to a museum about the famine in Ireland. The irony of there being a cafe attached to the museum wasn’t lost on me.
  7. Went to a tea party for Arthritis Ireland. Learned a new dance. It was a group dance so I danced with strangers. In the middle of the afternoon. Sober.
  8. Went for a walk around Lough Collin and found a rock with a face.IMG_20160708_141533
  9. Tried spare ribs. Very nice – will have these again! Started a book by an author I hadn’t read before. It’s set in Ireland. When I’m on holiday I like to read a book that’s based in the place that I’m in. It gives a sense of belonging.
  10. Went for 10k walk for charity. Rained for about 7k of it but the views were lovely.
  11. Went to Knock shrine. Strictly speaking I’ve been here before as a child so the new thing would be that I went there voluntarily as an adult.
  12. Tried a new recipe for risotto. Yum.
  13. Slow news day. Watched new TV show: Containment.
  14. Walked to Coton and had a lovely lunch at the Plough. Went to see Coriolanus.

I will be adding number three to my list as I didn’t know it existed, and I’ve been meaning to do the Coton walk and try the Plough for ages. I will do my best to steer clear of fire – although it could be one of my emergency back-up options.


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