New things for new people: Grace (June part 1)

Grace is halfway through June (as we all are) but she is my guest blogger this month so she is also halfway through a month of new things! This blog has gone super sporty as expected…but not completely, I’m relieved to see!

  1. Having walked past it happening a number of times, I’ve been trying to pluck up to the courage to go to ‘super circuits’ at my gym. What better reason than day one of new things? I didn’t appreciate the ‘ten burpees between each station’ rule but it can’t have been too bad: I went back the following week when, thankfully, less burpees were involved.
  2. Tom and I went to a new pub – The Old Crown at Girton.
  3. Did a 20 minute yoga video to relax before bedtime. This was a nice stretch to end the day and I slept well (but that is by no means unusual…).
  4. Watched (some of) a cricket match on Parker’s Piece. It wasn’t a particularly exciting hour I watched, partly as tea fell in the middle of it.
  5. Went on my first solo cycle – 23 miles in 85mins. Again, something I’ve been trying to make myself do for a while. Will do that again and is a good option when I can’t make scheduled rides.
  6. Registered my football team with the league for next season, and sorted FA affiliation.
  7. Attended a particular Board meeting at work for the first time.
  8. Carried out my first visit as a school governor. In fact, two in one afternoon.
  9. Cooked samphire. Good taste.
  10. Having lived in Cambridge for nearly all of the last nine years, I decided it was pretty ridiculous I hadn’t watched the May Bumps. I cycle to the Plough at Fen Ditton a fair bit so that was our spot, and it was a good one. The races themselves are over pretty quickly for the static spectator though so football is still the one for me.
  11. Attended our street party for the Queen. Was a little bit nervous about this one – lots of new people – but had a great time and ended up staying out until 11pm. [Also included first, and possibly last, time watching a TV through someone’s window in the street.]
  12. Went to a new coffee shop in Hitchin. Hitchin isn’t a new place but rarely go there.
  13. Started reading a new book. Scottsboro: a novel.
  14. In a similar fashion to 10 above, had never been to the Fitzwilliam Museum in my nine Cambridge years. I have also worked about 300m from its entrance for the last 3.5 years. I’m not a big fan of art museums but it’s now firmly on my lunchtime location list: nice and calm.monet
  15. Hadn’t thought about today’s new thing until the cycle home when I decided I was still feeling reasonably energetic. I’ve had a kettlebell for about a year but never really used it properly so found a 20 minute kettle bell workout, set it to play as dinner cooked itself and that was that.

I love reading other people’s new things! I’ve only done two of these before, so more ideas for me. Can’t wait for the next instalment!


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