New Things Challenge Week: part 1

I challenged some of my cronies to do something new last week. This is what they did! I can’t claim that very many of them happened as a result of my challenge (I’m looking at you, Lavinia) but it’s not all about doing new things – it’s about recognising, acknowledging and remembering when we’ve done them!

Shannon cooked her first fried egg and learnt how to use the washing machine. It is particularly appealing to do new things when you are supposed to be doing something else – in this case, revising. She also did her first ever A Level exam.

Liz and Shannon (procrastinating again) booked onto an online sign language course. Sign language is on my list – if I hadn’t already been failing to keep up with two online courses, I would’ve joined them.

Charlotte made this mouthwatering Victoria sponge. Why have I never tried to make my favouritest cake?
Caroline (already famed for new things) did The Color Run in London.13394021_10100602564574784_1434194766943327600_n

John climbed his first ever outdoor route – here he is, near Grindleford in the Peak District, looking justifiably chuffed with himself.FB_IMG_1465651111891

Sian had her already luscious hair highlighted for the first time.FB_IMG_1465911490731

Claire W.-E. made a corgi (for Haslingfield scarecrow festival). Sewn completely by hand. WANT. Look at his lovely ears.FB_IMG_1465637885646

Lucy ate alcoholic porridge at 8 a.m. I should point out that she was on holiday – this is the complete opposite of her normal behaviour. She also tried to sell something to a stranger on a market (a hen party dare) and asked someone who was sitting in her pre-booked seat on the train to move, instead of chickening out and standing for the whole journey while glaring at them furtively. (I added that last bit myself but I bet it’s what used to happen. Not any more, though!)

Sarah painted her fence, very beautifully and professionally. FB_IMG_1465636723728

Kerri went to a festival of cover bands. Need to add this to my list.

Clair planted her first carrots, in her first veg patch, and planted a very exciting looking Seedbom.

Anthony made this lovely heap of rocky road, a forfeit from a few weeks earlier that his team wouldn’t allow him to forget. Not all bullying is wrong. Bullying to get someone to make cake is fine.


Rosa went to a concert with her mum, and ate Piragi (Latvian pastries).

Claire C had a pitch at Witchford’s yard sale. She’s continued into this week by cooking with – and being converted to – tofu (oven-baked with honey, soy and garlic) today, and tomorrow will be taking her son on his first pre-school outing, complete with school bus. Maybe she’ll get the new things bug…

Terry and Neil (a.k.a. mum and dad) used this challenge as an excuse to try out the cafe at a garden centre that they’ve been going to for ages, and were pleasantly surprised.

Tabea took a gamble and went to the hairdresser’s to get her hair done with her baby in tow (three months old). Baby slept – successful gamble. I wasn’t expecting two hair-related new things!

Julia made her first ever cupcakes. It was very silly of me to set this challenge just before taking leave, as I have missed two lots of cake.
IMG_4449 (4)

And last, littlest but not least, Lavinia did her first poo on her potty.

This has been a pleasure to write so I’ll be doing it again at some point in July, with the following themes: music and new places! Get thinking.


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