New things for new people: Sarah

Sarah is my first guest blogger. She did something new each day in April 2016. It has been lovely having company on the project, and I am particularly inspired by her theatre-going, re-learning of forgotten skills, and masquerading as other people.

  1. Bought and read The New Day paper. [Waste of 50p!]
  2. Went to the Farmers’ Market in Lee Manor Park.
  3. Visited the ice house in Lee Manor park on the first Sunday in 2016 that it was open to the public.
  4. Over the next three days I was in Doncaster visiting my friend, Sue. I did quite a few new things during this time. Today I tried a rum and ginger cocktail drink [delicious] and some pitta crisps [ok, but I wouldn’t bother to get them again], watched some episodes of Season 4 of House of Cards on Netflix, pretended to be my friend at a pet food wholesalers and fed carrots to 3 dogs.
  5. Today I learnt to do cross stitch [taught by Andi, Sue’s daughter-in-law] and started sewing a cross stitch fish. This is the finished fish, although I didn’t finish it all in one day. image3
  6. Finished watching the last two episodes of House of Cards Season 4 at breakfast time whilst eating crumpets.
  7. Went to Hobbycraft for the first time ever and bought materials to do some more cross stitch.
  8. Ordered a take away online from a new Indian restaurant we hadn’t tried before. [We now use them regularly.]
  9. Gave a parrot [not a real one] to some friends, who have their own pub at the end of their garden, as a mascot for their pub. We also wrote a speech and made a film in their pub!
  10. Got the DLR [that isn’t new] to Mudchute [that is new] and saw a new play ‘Wilde Tales’ at a venue there – The Space – that I hadn’t been to before. Also I knew two of the actors, one my ex-tutor from Rose Bruford [Jade Allen] and the other [Harriet Attwood] was a student with me and this was her professional debut.
  11. Went to see a play ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Bromley Little Theatre [I think I have been there before, but it was a play I hadn’t seen before] which starred another friend who I was at Rose Bruford with – Richard Stewart.
  12. Finished my second cross stitch project – a cat picture.image5
  13. Learnt [sort of] the Russian alphabet. [I did learn this when I was seventeen and went on a school trip to Russia, but I had totally forgotten it, so I counted this as a new thing.]
  14. Paid for something using contactless payment.
  15. Watched half of ‘Ghandi’. [I know that is really rubbish – I was just too tired to watch the whole thing! I will finish watching it soon!]
  16. Today I went to Preston with Matthew which is a place I have never been to before. I also had my first mocha coffee – I liked it, but I wouldn’t bother to have another one.
  17. Went to Hobbycraft in Preston and got a Hobbycraft loyalty card. Also had a delicious Indian at a restaurant in Preston [EastZEast] that had the best pickle selection ever – tried a couple of new pickles – aubergine and garlic [delicious] – and had a hanging naan bread!
  18. Had lunch at a pub called The Sitting Goose in Bartle [near Preston].image8
  19. Drove home from Preston and stopped on the way back at a village called Crick and had lunch in a pub there.
  20. I didn’t do anything new today but a new thing that happened this month that I didn’t write about was that I received my copy of a book containing two plays written by an actor Mark Farrelly. I have seen him perform both plays, one about Patrick Hamilton who wrote Hangover Square [a fantastic book] and one about Quentin Crisp. I contributed to a Kickstarter funding project for publishing these plays [which I have never done before] so have my name in the back and a personal message from Mark Farrelly in the front.
  21. Went to see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at New Eltham. It was the first musical production [I think] since all the societies that meet at New Eltham Methodist Church amalgamated into New Eltham Community Productions. It is a bit of a cheat ‘new thing’ because I have seen and been in loads of shows at New Eltham and also was in their production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in 1978 and also have seen ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ on the stage with Topol in it. My sister, Rachel, was Golde, my niece, Emma, was Tzeitel and my sister, Lizzie, was MD. Also I knew loads of other people in it. It was great.
  22. Went to see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at New Eltham again and sat in a different seat and gave it a standing ovation.
  23. Went to see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at New Eltham again at the matinee performance, which is the new thing, because I can’t remember there being a matinee performance for these shows before. I gave it a standing ovation for the second time as well.
  24. Did a sudoku puzzle. I was going to do a competition one but it was so difficult! I ended up doing the ‘easy’ junior one.
  25. Entered three competitions on the Classic FM website.
  26. Tried vanilla flavoured soya milk. It was delicious and I have bought more!
  27. My sister Lizzie called round unexpectedly and we drunk wine and discussed life choices. This is also a bit of a cheat ‘new thing’ because we have done all of those things before, but it was unexpected and the discussions were based on a new thing that had happened for Lizzie.
  28. Watched a new Beatles DVD that arrived today that had some film clips I hadn’t seen before.
  29. Bought a sudoku puzzle book. This was prompted by my uselessness at doing sudoku before so I decided I am going to learn how to do this – it may take some time!!
  30. Went to a theatre in a pub in Kentish Town – The Lion and Unicorn and saw a new play ‘The Social Notwork’ in which another former student I was at Rose Bruford with, Malcolm Jeffries, made his professional debut.

I have really enjoyed my month of ‘new things’ although I was not nearly as adventurous as I intended to be. I found it difficult to do a new thing every day that didn’t require lots of planning and effort. Consequently a lot of my ‘new things’ are a bit of a cheat. But I have found a new hobby – cross stitch – and also a new drink – vanilla soya milk – that I really like. Plus I have a new thing to learn – sudoku and a new thing to re-learn – a bit of Russian. Also I have a lot of ideas for new things I would like to do in the future. So I’m going to carry on, although I may not give myself the pressure of doing something new EVERY day. Hats off to Maria who has done it for 4 months!


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