April 2016 – something new each day

I thought I hadn’t had a very inspiring month but it’s not too bad now I look back! And in May I will have Caroline and Adele (who I met a week ago) keeping me company on the project, as well as Hazel who is opting for the angle ‘new and big this year’ rather than ‘daily for a month’. I’m feeling all inspired again, and this is before I’ve even seen Sarah’s list from April.

Here are my latest new things.

  1. Went out for dinner with a neighbour. 
  2. Wore a Cambridge University gown; used my Botanic Garden membership.
  3. Made chocolate mousse.
  4. Tried gravadlax (lurvly). Also tried the mousse I made yesterday – it was horrible. I’ve been assured it is really a very nice recipe so I need to have another go and work out what I did wrong – maybe something to do with egg whites and air and the fact that my whisk now only has one beater. Can I bear to waste another bar of chocolate, though? Please try it and let me know how you get on.
  5. Tried a new tea (fennel).
  6. Sponsored a celebrity (Eddie Izzard – a bit late but never mind!)
  7. Tried a new food (‘bao’ – steamed buns) from a new place (Guerrilla Kitchen on Cambridge market).
  8. Borrowed a magazine from a library (also tried a new magazine, ‘Country Walking’).
  9. Had a bet on the Grand National (lost – probably for the best). And no, I still haven’t made it into a betting shop. Set up a group on WhatsApp.
  10. Hit 30000 steps-in-a-day on my Fitbit – 12.5 miles. (Four new badges in one day – 25000 steps, 30000 steps and 50 floors in a day, and 250 miles since I started using it.)
  11. Purchased some flowers for the office (freesias, my favourite in case anyone is interested). Got a fly out of a stranger’s eye. Told you I was going to stop being so ‘me me me’. Also tried beef brisket and a new non-alcoholic beer (Brewdog Nanny State).
  12. Finished a Kindle First book. I’m not saying which book because I wouldn’t recommend it.
  13. Tried Massaman curry and kimchi. Went to a (very inspiring) book talk about a non-fiction book, where I learnt about Petrichor.
  14. Deputised for my boss at a forum. Tried a new pop-up – Smoking Cow, which popped up unexpectedly in Cambridge Wine Merchants.
  15. Went to a new restaurant for lunch – Pho in Cambridge. Tried Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, which was very naughty and delicious.
  16. Bought a book for book group purposes.
  17. Played Google Pacman. Listened to a Jonathan Mann song – writing a song a day and putting me to shame! I listened to song 2661 ‘Are we going to the playground?’
  18. Got my lunch from a new place (Wasabi).
  19. Baked a goat’s cheese.
  20. Jointly led a PPD course.
  21. Had one-to-one voice/presentation training (for work, not choir). Not only that…was unexpectedly FILMED and then made to watch myself. Just goes to show what you can achieve when you’re trapped. I now have a DVD of myself talking. Such a thing was never meant to exist. Also went to the Espresso Library. Much less traumatic.
  22. Ordered and ate dinner in a pub on my own. Well, ate some of it. Was joined by a friend halfway through. It still counts. If I’d ordered something smaller and eaten more quickly I would’ve finished it while on my own.
  23. Identified a song by singing at Soundhound. It came up as the second result so then I sang better and got it to come up as the first result. A rare exercise in perseverance.
  24. Did some wedding-themed crafting.IMG_20160424_220510_kindlephoto-8099682
  25. Sewed a popper-fastener onto a thing. I’m not absolutely sure I’ve never done this before, but I’d never stitched one onto an umbrella.
  26. Used my juicer (which I’ve had for years). IMG_20160426_200621_kindlephoto-205303
  27. Tried Miso soup.
  28. Finished a cross-stitch sampler.
  29. Went to Merhaba restaurant.
  30. Went to an art exhibition at the Babylon Arts Gallery (the artist was Paul Hawdon). Actually properly watched the Town Crier Competition at Ely Eel Day instead of just wandering past. Caught an eel (a fabric one – participated in the World Eel Throwing Championships by mistake). And if I’m honest, this is when I actually finished the sampler as I ran out of black thread on the 28th…but I would’ve finished it then if I could’ve and hadn’t been too ill to go to the shop.FB_IMG_1462034595274

Thanks to everyone involved in these things. Started to list you all but there are just too many of you. You’re all lovely.


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