March 2016 – something new each day

Still going strong(ish) and having fun with this. In April I will have company – my lovely cousin Sarah will be doing something new each day and will then be my guest blogger! I also have Hazel, Caroline and Clair lined up at a later date. Drop me a line if you fancy following their leads and joining me for a month of new things – or a variation on that theme – at some point this year.

March’s list:

  1. Had my hair cut within three months of the previous haircut. It’s probably the first time I’ve had it cut within a year of the previous cut. Basically got my hair cut when it didn’t really need cutting. Going to the hairdresser more regularly is not making me enjoy the experience more but I suppose I can’t do fun stuff ALL the time.
  2. Went to Novi.
  3. Massive fail. The first day this year that I didn’t do something new…I think you’ll agree that makes it a NEW THING. (Think I pulled that off. Not getting away with it again though – definitely need to line up a few more easy ones i.e. stock up on new types of emergency tea.)
  4. Started a new course (Futurelearn … free, fun – try it)
  5. Lots of Londony things: went to the Renaissance Hotel Bar, had a £15 glass of wine (and then had another one (because I’m absolutely worth it) but that one wasn’t a new thing), went to Abeno, tried Okonomiyaki (delicious AND exciting), went to the Criterion Theatre, and watched a live ventriloquist (the very talented Nina Conti).

  6. Cooked a recipe from Sainsbury’s magazine and tweeted a picture of it to them (so I will win £50) … and made Salsa Verde and used my little food chopping machine AND GAVE AWAY MY PETS (Heidi, Mucky, Pecky and Speckledy) and cried about it.
  7. Bought my tiny nieces tickets to see a band.
  8. Went to a public lecture on my own AND asked a question.
  9. Made rhubarb compote.
  10. Completed my first Fitbit challenge with a friend.
  11. Went to the Poet’s House Hotel with this lovely baby (Jennifer) who you will note is smaller (yet scrummier) than the scrummy afternoon tea.2016-03-12 20.45.41
  12. Went to the Savoy Theatre (Guys and Dolls) and was thrown my first ever ‘lunch with surprise guests’ which was very lovely and had a carbonara pizza (an invention which has removed a recurring difficult decision from my life).
  13. Went to a gig with the tiny nieces (Megson Family Folk Show) – nieces’ first gig, and at 11:30 a.m. the earliest gig I’ve ever been to. One niece did the loudest quack-quack-quacking of her life, and the other explored every last inch of the Junction 2, like one of those robot vacuum cleaners. Highly recommended to anyone who has small people, or can borrow some.
  14. Saw Cambridge from a different angle (a roof terrace that I didn’t know existed), and watched a programme I wouldn’t normally watch (‘Art in Scandinavia’).
  15. Watched a performance by Nick Steur. Hard to explain but definitely never been to anything like it before.  My friend described it as watching ’32 metronomes sometimes synchronise and a huge pendulum make circles of red gravel – oh and a man disappeared’. Also tried a new cocktail – Negroni Spagliato (mmm).
  16. Made jelly from scratch. (Fruity Pimm’s jelly – I used blueberries and raspberries.) Ridiculously easy.
  17. Did a PowerPoint presentation and felt as though I knew what I was talking about. Also ate Pimm’s jelly in bed. (I’m not just going to start eating random things in bed so I can blog about them but I’d say this is decadent enough to be worth mentioning – and recommending, frankly. You’re welcome.)
  18. Went to a local pub that I’d somehow managed not to go in before (High Flyer in Ely). Pleasantly surprised.
  19. Charged my phone by plugging it into a bus.
  20. Made meatballs.
  21. Made tzatziki (to go with my leftover kofta meatballs).
  22. Decorated an egg (photo stolen from Ausra without her knowledge):
  23. Read a book about NLP.
  24. Went to the pub with the lovely choir. Also tried Duvel Tripel Hop.
  25. Made a card bird. I hope you all know what type of bird it is.IMG_20160331_223851_kindlephoto-50174860
  26. Went to Maison du Steak. And had my steak RARE. Good choice.
  27. Went to Ely cinema.
  28. Signed up with Eek!
  29. Made cheese straws.
  30. Learnt a bit of Irish on Duolingo. Also tried a new cheese but I’ve forgotten the name of it already so that’s no use.
  31. Got my lunch from a new place (a delicious chickpea curry wrap from The Lick on Cambridge market).

Still too many food-based things but never mind!


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