Planning new things

Looking back through the new things I have done so far this year, many of them have been very easy to do on a whim or have fallen into my lap when other people have suggested or organised them.

It’s time to be a bit more active about this and take some control! This is not a plan – but I know that once I start brainstorming, some of these things will just happen.

Eat vegan for a day

This should be easy. I like ALL vegetables, although spinach needs to be disguised in the form of sag paneer. But I would like to plan a whole feasty day of deliciousness …

This looks nice:

And I don’t need an excuse to go back to the Rainbow Cafe.

Ride a horse

Got no idea where to start with this. Do I need to lose weight before I’ll be allowed to approach a horse? Am I the right kind of flexible? Do I have an appropriate outfit? Where can I go – shall I find a local riding school or shall I save this activity in case I go on holiday somewhere beautiful and can ride while enjoying some lovely cliff views? (Me, a horse and cliffs…what could POSSIBLY go wrong?)

Stay in a hotel in London

This is starting to develop into ‘spend a week in London’ although that might rule out the ‘hotel’ aspect. I live too close to London for this to have occurred to me before … but I very rarely actually go, and how nice to just spend some days exploring without having to keep an eye on train times. And how many other new things could I tick off my list:

  • Catch the tube on my own…and many more ‘on my own’ things (including going on holiday on my own)
  • Visit some of the gazillion tourist attractions that I’ve never been to
  • See some new bands in some new venues

I’m not sure how realistic this plan is and I certainly can’t do it at the moment but something for autumn maybe…perhaps with ONE night in a hotel…

Place a bet in a betting shop

I’ve never even set foot in a betting shop. I’ll be honest…I’m hoping someone will step in and help me with this one. I could do with winning some money for my holiday in London.

Run in a 10k race

Find a race. Register. Turn up. Easy things. I can walk 10k if needs be.

But I would want lots of sponsorship and that means I’d have to do things properly, or I wouldn’t deserve it. Someone who walks all the time can’t get sponsored to walk a bit. I need good trainers, comfy gear and a plan. And some self-discipline. And to drink more water and less alcohol. And to be more organised. And to pick a charity. Cripes.

Maybe the heading for this one should have just been ‘register for a 10k’. I could have done that today. Instead, I made this very pretty rhubarb compote. TTFN.



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