February 2016 – tick! (And some other four-letter words)


This month was full of infuriating and upsetting things, but this list is NOT, which makes me happy. I don’t really understand who this woman is who keeps bouncing back but I hope she hangs around for a bit. Some of these new things are a little bit contrived due to the distractions going on…but they were new nonetheless! They definitely count because I said so and I am in charge.

Turns out I know a lot of brave or inspiring people – hello to you. I’m neither of those but if you are inspired to try any new things as a result of reading my lists, please let me know, and you can feature in a future blog post!

New things done in February:

  1. Started a blog (this blog)
  2. Promoted my blog on social media (with help from Caroline and Helen)
  3. Went to a lecture about the EU – in a building I hadn’t been in before
  4. Had a house valuation done
  5. Ate my lunch at my desk with chopsticks
  6. Made a new soup: roasted swede
  7. Made crumpets!!!


  8. Made a towel elephant
  9. Went to a new (to me) cafe: Caffe Sicilia in Cambridge (and tried new cakes)IMG_20160228_095633
  10. Had my lunch from a new place: ‘Tasty‘ on Cambridge market (Quorn Bolognese – possibly never had that before but can’t swear to it)
  11. Went to a lecture given by a pop star (Andy Bell from Erasure!)
  12. Went to the lovely Madingley Hall
  13. Tried Spaghetti alle Vongole
  14. Applied to be a steward at a festival
  15. Tried out my Scholl ‘Express Pedi’
  16. Made a banana milkshake … and won my first competition on Twitter and took a photo of a peregrine falcon from my office
  17. Bought something from a supermarket fish counter…and gutted, scaled, cleaned a fish, and cooked sea bream. Stressful
  18. Went to a production by Ely Amateur Dramatic Society (‘The Ladykillers’), which involved two people I know who I hadn’t seen acting before – at Ely College, another new place for me
  19. Was a ‘presenter’ on a PPD course (and did my first presentation to strangers)
  20. Cooked a recipe with Ras El Hanout (delicious)
  21. Sent a postcard to my little nieces
  22. Was let out of work to go for an angry walk (‘Take your time!’)
  23. Bought the Big Issue for someone who hadn’t read it before (now a convert, I believe)
  24. Stood up and said a few words at an administrators’ forum at work
  25. Tried Speculoos spread
  26. Went to a stand-up comedy night (and was the ‘competition winner’ at an event – fortunately that didn’t seem to involve doing anything scary or having my photo taken)FB_IMG_1456650683069_kindlephoto-33014011
  27. Listened to three albums I hadn’t heard before (my cousin’s top three albums of 2015)
  28. Set up and used my Fitbit (see previous blog post…hooray!)
  29. Visited a museum online – I went to Alcatraz Island via the Google Art Project

There are too many people to thank this month but a special shout-out goes to my colleagues who had a role in 13 of these things! And Andy for his moral support and chargers in item 28.


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