I’ve been meaning to do that for ages…


Trying to do a new thing each day, but not being very organised about it so far, has led to me panic-doing some things that I have been planning to do for a while:

  • Fit my new toilet seat
  • Become a friend of Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  • Try out my Scholl ‘Express Pedi’ pedicure device that I bought months ago
  • Buy something from the fish counter in the supermarket (and gut and clean a fish which hadn’t even really made it onto the list…yet now it is a new thing done).

This set me to wondering what other things I’m going to finally tick off the huge to-do list that is my life – and why I haven’t done them yet. Here are some of the reasons, with examples which may or may not get ticked off soon.

Don’t have the right kit/ingredients:

  • Use my Fitbit
  • Make lasagne

Fear and wimpishness:

  • Get my gait analysed
  • Go to a gig on my own (and get the tube on my own and many other things on my own)


  • Stay in a hotel in London, and holidays and travel-y things generally


  • Get my Kindle Fire to connect to my telly


  • Use the steamer and rice cooker functions of my slow cooker

Bad planning:

  • Actually use my new membership of Cambridge University Botanic Garden…if it’s this sunny by the time I go, I will have wasted a lot of months of being a ‘friend’…

2014-05-17 11.36.03

I’m aware my list so far is often a little self-indulgent and trivial. Now these new things are becoming a bit more of a habit, hopefully I can start to introduce some more helpful activities and random acts of kindness. If you’ve got something that you need help with – and it’s something I haven’t done before – let me know. Pretty sure I’ll have more chance of getting round to a thing if someone is going to be annoyed with me if I don’t!

I’m dedicating this one to John G, who I think was much better at trying new things than I am. RIP Xx





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