Observations on Trying New Things Part 1

The year is flying by but luckily the list of new things I could do continues to grow.


From my first few weeks I have learnt the following:

  1. I am always up for trying new types of food and drink. I guess I already knew this but I now acknowledge that I’m quite lucky that this is the case, especially as I like most things and am not disappointed very often, making it a source of enjoyment and excited anticipation that others might not have. It’s also great to have this as an easy fall-back option for trying new things but I mustn’t allow it to make me lazy as this is not the point of the project! 20160110_141832
  2. Still on the food theme, I don’t mind giving new recipes a go. I usually cook from recipes as I don’t have many meals saved in my head. However, I’m not a great cook so I don’t usually try things that look too difficult or that I think I’ll fail at (cakes, bread, sauces). This is a great chance to get over this barrier, because each recipe serves two purposes at the moment – something for me to eat AND something new for my list. If I fail in the former, the latter will still apply! Chocolates and crumpets are on the list – here’s my game casserole which was delicious, if I do say so myself.20160124_203029
  3. I’ve been ill this week and would have struggled to keep this up if I hadn’t had a couple of new things scheduled in advance. This is a good excuse to make plans and involve other people.
  4. Speaking of other people, they’re amazing! They’ve given me lots of great ideas and encouragement, included me in things and actually been interested. (Is this what it feels like to be an interesting person?)
  5. I’m spending too much money. It’s easier to do new things if you spend money. There’s no excuse though – lots of things on my list are free or cheap, just require a little more effort.
  6. Anxiety. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m an anxious idiot, sometimes to normal levels, sometimes in a ridiculous, weird and obstructive way to the point of exhaustion and illness. I hope that trying new things will help me deal with this better (as long as I balance it out with simple pleasures), or at least help me identify what challenges cause the biggest problems for me. (This picture symbolises the feeling of butterflies, not that I am a fragile and dainty thing.)
  7. This (my list of things I’ve done, not this blog) is a brilliant way of keeping a diary without having to write a diary. When I look back and read ‘tried salted caramel green tea’, I won’t just remember that drink but also the random conversations, tea smelling, tea sharing and tea throwing that went with it, as well as the fact that it was my treat to myself to do an easy new thing having done a difficult new thing the previous day.

2016-01-03 18.41.08



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