January 2016 – tick!

I start this blog as my first ‘New Thing’ for February, having already done something new every day for a whole month. 31 new things…in fact, more than that, as I have now started doing new things automatically (or by mistake).

I don’t yet know where this blog will take me – for now, here’s what I did in January. 11 months to go.

1. Finished my first ‘adult colouring book’ picture.

2016-01-01 13.34.03
2. Went to a party where I didn’t know anyone except the host.
3. Tried the Mexican stall on Ely Sunday market (Al Chile).
4. Wrote my first online book review on Goodreads.
5. Listened to an album by a band that followed me on Twitter (@jaywalkersfolk).
6. Became a ‘friend’ of Cambridge University Botanic Garden.
7. Cooked scallops.

8. Ate a new food (almond butter).
9. Listened to a new radio station all day (Radio 4 Extra).
10. Made an origami monkey.

2016-01-10 18.42.45
11. Cooked Jerusalem artichokes.

12. Cooked quinoa.
13. Went to an open evening at Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy.
14. Sung in a choir (and then joined it because it’s lovely).
15. Tried a new tea (salted caramel green tea)…and had a tweet quoted in a Yahoo news article.
16. Cooked celery soup.
17. Learnt some Dutch.
18. Cooked pigeon.
19. Wore shoe grips (on a day that was meant to be really icy and then wasn’t).
20. Practised singing at home on my own (haven’t done it since). Also had a new jacket potato topping by mistake (ratatouille and tuna mayonnaise, surprisingly tasty).
21. Tried a new tea (white tea and elderflower) and sung a song cycle in choir.
22. Cooked poached eggs the proper way.

23. Started watch an Amazon Original series on Amazon Prime (Ripper Street season four yay).
24. Made a game casserole (using juniper berries, also a new thing).
25. Had a tiny Burns Night celebration: ate shortbread, read a poem (‘Ode to a haggis’) and listened to Eddi Reader ‘The Songs of Robert Burns’.
26. Ordered a book by an author who followed me on Twitter (‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’ by @petemosley).
27. Tried a new drink (Aperol).
28. Sung a song with Shakespeare-era pronunciation.
29. Got my lunch from a new place (Itsu) … and used the office microwave…and went to a new restaurant (Thai Lounge in Ely)…and tried three new beers.
30. Cooked fennel.
31. Fitted a new toilet seat.



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